What an exciting time to be a part of the College of Education at Kansas State. We talk a lot about Family at Kansas State University. We talk it and we walk it. So welcome to a little family reunion right here on this blog.

Who are EdCats? College of Education students and alumni of the College of Education. Not sure if you are? Here’s a little quiz:

  1. The word Catalyst makes you smile.
  2. Bluemont Hall isn’t just a building, it’s a memory that includes all 5 senses.
  3. When people mention K-State in a conversation, you’re pretty sure they think they know…but they don’t know your K-State.

We want to keep your College of Education experience going. We want to continue to provide opportunities for growth and collaboration after you graduate. We want to see your classrooms, exchange your great innovations and ideas. We’re even planning to get together at a Tailgate next fall. (It doesn’t get more FAMILY than that, does it.) Join us!