There are some VERY exciting collaborations happening in the The College of Education. One of the most exciting is with Shawnee Mission School District. 

One would not think such a large district (28,000 students) could move so quickly but innovation abounds among a progressive administration known as LEAD 512.

Here are a few highlights of current initiatives in SMSD:

Ed Tech instructor, Cyndi Danner-Kuhn works with Instructional Coaches, teachers, and buildings on more and new ways to infuse curriculum with technology. SMSD has one-to-one technology and a tech explosion is taking place in classrooms

Dr. Socorro Herrera and some of her staff members at the Center for Intercultural and Multilingual Advocacy (CIMA) are providing professional development for seven elementary schools in SMSD. See some of the excitement right here on a link to their FB page.

Using SWIVL technology, our Professional Development School allows for distance supervision of K-State student teachers in SMSD. Our students from the Kansas City Area love the opportunity to live at home while they student teach! Our college is becoming nationally known for our pioneering work with SWIVL technology.

There are some exciting new initiatives coming for Fall 2016, stay tuned and find out more reasons we are proud of this innovative collaboration!




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