School is never out for the professional.One of the great joys of being a lifelong learner is visiting schools and having the opportunity to get ideas to pass on to our students. Last week I had the privilege of visiting Junction City Middle School. They are utilizing a “short cycle” formative assessment strategy within a framework for teaching by Steve Ventura at Advanced Collaborative Solutions.  Any talk of assessments can guarantee a few groans in our test-crazy school climate, but Mr. Ventura’s work is geared toward low-risk, short cycle formatives, that encourage a culture of errors-as-process in a 4 step formula of continuous improvement. His website even touts the adage:

What would your students be willing to accomplish if they knew they could not fail?

Teachers work in teams as they approach a new unit. Each student’s strengths and challenges are kept in mind. Here are some photos of the charts this team used to move their students (a lot of them) forward:

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Not only was this fun to see, but one of our own EdCats was part of this team and their presentation! Please consider sending is what YOUR building is doing as an innovative practice in schools!

Dr. Martinez