Teaching until the last bell.

It’s interesting to hear some teachers complain about state testing taking up instructional time but they are willing to show movies and play games during the last two weeks of school. Don’t be that teacher!

yougotthis1Here are some ideas for keeping things going until the last bell:

  • Set some short-term academic goals and encourage students to finish strong!
  • Learn something new with your students. Modeling an interest in life-long learning can be motivating.
  • Short term project based or theme based learning can be a great way to combine two classes or grade levels for a portion of the day.
  • The busier your students are, the less time they have to misbehave. This can be a good time to put students in charge of some of the tasks they have seen you model all year: what are some of your tasks that students could take over?
  • Use Skype to cross barriers. Is there a project that you could do with a classroom across the city, across the state or across the world? Technology allows teacher-to-teacher planning to exchange ideas on teaching the same content.
  • Turn students into videographers. Short movies can be great performance-based assessments.
  • Incorporate music and art into the day if you haven’t been.
  • Writing with a purpose can be fun. Letters to the senior center, a retired teacher, or next year’s grade level (giving them tips for the next grade) can be a great new tradition!
  • Keep a daily joy journal on a poster, on a bulletin board, in dry erase marker on the desk or on the door!
  • Hold focus groups for feedback on how to do things with your students next year. You won’t believe the great ideas that students have.
  • ENJOY. There are still so many memories to make! Your students will take your cue and learn to find joy in each of the “lasts” for this year.

Solvitur ambulando. We can do this.


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