Layered Curriculum

I was recently asked to do some professional development for a school district. The assistant superintendent asked me to include some ideas for Layering Curriculum. With those teachers in mind, I am going to put some links here that I think will be useful to EdCats as well.

P8JCZaoHuBqBVY2EBDFZ4vHb7pa43YXOsxa09zCcUbW2oJ2nwukX_eEnJdsCxdwntM8kxw=s85  Kathy Nunely is a secondary teacher that coined the phrase “layered curriculum” in the context of classroom learning and has a significant amount of resources on her website.

Her out-of-the-box thinking allows students to choose assignments from a teacher-created menu they can get excited about!

You may want to check out her hot topics section to get some ideas to refresh your teaching.

Taking the menu idea to a whole ‘nother level is Rick Wormeli. When you click on that link you will go to some resources put together by the Kentucky Dept. of Ed. Lots of menu ideas there.

Do you use menus? Do you have some ideas to share? Send them to and I’ll be happy to post them here for EdCats!


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