Love is in the air!

Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners and the love of bringing the first two loves together–Scott Hayden

Here in the college of education we are reminded every day of YOU. We ask our students about their favorite teachers and they tell us about YOU. We want to remind YOU that YOU are making a difference every single day in your classroom by the way you are spreading love for content, people, ideas, places, and things! We asked students to tell us about how you do that and here’s what they said:

She brought her guitar to class every Friday and played us a song. It was magical.

My teacher taught us a word in sign language every day after lunch. We were encouraged to sign the words we learned and we thought it was so cool.

Our teacher was so invested in us. He came to our games and activities and he always seemed genuinely interested in how we were doing. He was invested in us as a class family.

We had a teacher that was a Star Wars fanatic. We had a 3ft high R2D2 and that thing was our classroom mascot. Its such a small thing but we went crazy each day posing it, decorating it and it was just our thing.

It seems silly but our teacher made our class so comfy. We had scented candles on warmers and soft lights we could change and when she played music while we worked we just felt so cozy and safe.

My teacher dressed up in crazy outfits that went with what we were learning. We couldn’t wait to see what was next.

We absolutely love these ideas. You can read more of what the students have to say about YOU by going on Twitter and typing #COE200 in the search box. Please add to our conversation. Post what your favorite teachers did that you loved and add the hashtag COE200. Then please be reminded that what you do makes a difference. Perhaps today it doesn’t feel like it. But some day someone will ask your students if they can think of a teacher that loved teaching so much that the students fell in love with content, people, ideas, places and things and they are going to talk about YOU.

Love is in the air…